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The development of Bill Weinman's open source software and free services are supported by your voluntary contributions. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. [more information] is home to Bill Weinman's open source projects, and free services such as BW Whois.

Bill uses the funds donated to this web site to continue developing open-source software (like the new AMTP project) and running free services.

Why Donate?

As you probably already know, "Free Software" means "software that you are free to use, modify, and/or distribute", not "software without cost".

I don't charge money for my open source (free) software, but it does cost money to produce, support, and distribute it. I try to do my best at all of that but I would not be able to without some fiscal support.

If you use the software that I write, or the services that I run, you may want to make a periodic donation. It will help me continue to develop and support the software and services that you use. I know that I feel good about myself when I make voluntary donations for the free software and services that I use, so I naturally think you will too.

My next project is going to be time-consuming and will require more hardware. It think it's important too. If successful, it could significantly reduce the load of UBE on the internet. Your donation could help make that happen.

How To Donate

The easiest way to donate is to press the PayPal button on the box above. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and electronic checks.

If you prefer not to use PayPal, you may contact me for a mailing address.

Items from my Wish List are also gratefully accepted.

I also have a list of hardware that I need for current and future projects.

Suggested Donations

Keep in mind these are just suggestions. Any donation at all is greatfully appreciated.

If you use my open-source software, a donation comparable to a similar commercial package would be one way to do it.

If you use my online whois service, I suggest a $25 annual donation for occasional personal use, or $250 annual contirbution for moderate commercial use. (If you ask for it, I will grant you access to the private online whois which is configured with more liberal restrictions than the public page.)

If you have occasional technial questions that you can pose by email and are able to wait for responses (usually a day or so), I suggest a $25 donation for every few questions.

If you would like to place a text ad on my pages, a donation of $100 per month is suggested.

These are only suggestions. If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact me.

Please see my Whois Proxy Service if you would like to provide whois service for your customers.

For telephone support and other consulting services, I currently charge $150 per hour. I bill in one-hour increments.

The Future

I am very excited about the AMTP protocol. I intend to spend as much time as possible on it over the next 12 months. With your support I chould have it ready for wide deployment by 1Q 2004.

I am also developing a small, modular and easy-to-deploy, content management system that I hope to have working by the summer of 2004.

Thank you for your support.

When I was your age we had to carve our own transistors out of wood!